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It is a powerful and versatile software, designed to solve a wide range of digitization tasks from document scanning through image post processing to OCR. The software is applicable for digitization of books, office documents, periodicals, wide-format documents and so on. Batch Image Quality Enhancer will convert your library or archive to digital including text recognition with use of Tesseract engine.

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Text dewarping

Often, when you use a photo camera as a scanner (regardless if it’s a phone or tablet, DSLR or overhead scanner) and take a picture of a document page you will see that the lines are not straight due to paper not being flat under the camera. What a nuisance, especially if you need to OCR the scan. With BIQE you should not worry anymore. Text dewarping filter will quickly and accurately fix the issue and make the document look as flat as it can ever be.

Fingers masking

Your fingers got into the picture, when you held down the page under scanner or camera. How annoying! Well, never mind! This filter will find and make them disappear in a split second. The page will look perfectly “untouched”.

Margins cleaning

This filter is merciless to all garbage objects found in page margins and even outside of page borders. At the same time all meaningful information is carefully preserved. The filter is a magic wand for preparing documents to reprint or print on demand.

Background replacement

Your document looks bad due to reverse page bleeding through or patterns on background? Someone left a coffee ring on a page? Watermarks are visible? Paper gone yellowish brown over the years? With background replacement filter you can fix all of the above in a couple mouse clicks. And you are free to pick the new background color.

Manual correction tools

Whatever your automatic processing can be, there is always a case when some manual intervention is needed to remove or disguise something that gets in the way. It might be a coffee mug ring, a pencil or a pen doodle, a splash of paint, or you name it. There is no way to remove it automatically, so we provide you with an eraser, a freehand brush, a rectangle and straight line drawer along with a color picker, so that your intervention is as efficient as it can be.

Double page splitting

You scans come in double page format and you need single page documents as output. BIQE can do it for you: even if the spine line is hardly visible, even if there is a picture across both pages, even if the pages are different in size, and even if it is not a double page spread but just two documents scanned side by side . You can leave a margin of a specified size over the spine line if you need to. You can separately specify the same size of all cropping frames for odd and even pages.

Fixed floating crop

You cannot go without this filter when processing pages of one source. If you need all of them to be in the same size, yet you do not want to place the frame manually on each page, this is what you need. What is more, the filter will make sure that print area is in the center of the cropped page. It’s a perfect fit for electronic books, e.g., in PDF format.

Remap perspective

You cannot go without this tool if you use a camera as a document scanner. It is virtually impossible to get a perfect rectangle document page if you shoot from a handheld position. It was a problem before BIQE, not anymore. Either trust the automatic correction or do it manually by adjusting the rubber frame if like to have full control.

Illustrations enhancement

Pictures on pages look bleak, dark and lack contrast. You can bring them back to life even without touching the rest of the page. This filter will pull the most of detail and contrast from each picture without any settings tweaking.

Color image screening

You want to make the most of your colorful illustrated pages for reprint or PDF version but your scans’ background is far from perfect (yellowinsh, for instance). No need to go page per page in a photo editor. This filter will keep the images in color and drop everything else to black and white. As a result you have vivid color images, neat white background and crispy black text, as it if just got its first print!





correction tools

page splitting

Fixed floating



Color image
Export of produced results to several formats at the same time. Supported export file formats are XML, ALTO XML, BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, ABBYY XML, RTF, PNM

Processing control with roll back function at each step of processing

Batch/individual processing/quality control

Reuse of processing settings (profiles)

A wide range of one-page and multipage export file formats

Comprehensive support of PDF format both on input and output

System requirements:

Recommended hardware requirements: Software requirements:
Processor: Intel Core i5-2300 2.80 GHz or equivalent
RAM: 8 Gb or more
HDD: 1 Tb or more
OS: Windows 7/8/10/2008/2012 x64 only
.Net Framework: 4.5
Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable  x64
Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable  x64

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