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Our expertise

Knowledge of programming languages:

⇒ С#

⇒ C/С++

⇒ Objective C

⇒ Embedded C++

⇒ QT


⇒ CBuilder

⇒ Python

⇒ Assembly languages x86, ARM, Z80, PDP

⇒ Databases MySQL, MS SQL, MS Access, FoxPro

⇒ Visual Basic





⇒ Stimul Reports


⇒ VBScript


⇒ NHibernate

⇒ Entity Framework

⇒ Firebird

⇒ FastReports

Experience in the following areas:

∴ 1C accounting and document workflow AutoStore

∴ The installation of networks, installation and administration of servers under Windows and Linux

∴ Experience in programming external devices with the BlueTooth protocols, USB, COM, LPT and nestandartiniai peripherals

∴ Experience in cross-platform development, optimization and porting

∴ Development of CRM for internal use. Included operations such as ordering a product, posting to the warehouse, issuing goods from the warehouse Department, Boo. accounting, interaction with 1C

∴ Create a location-based service for tracking of vehicles, fuel consumption, engine speed, temperature, oil pressure. Information stored in the database. Generate reports on the collected characteristics. The revision of the program logic telemetry equipment in C

∴ Development of website for display of the current situation of transport and its condition

∴ The collection, aggregation and conversion of exchange data. The Central data repository, which interacted with the ultimate services and the passed information from one to the other. Working with large data volumes (> 1TB). Daily processing more than 6 million records

∴ Development of COM components to work with ABBYY FlexiCapture

∴ The system for entering, recording and processing of management information

∴ Working with mobile applications

∴ Working with devices such as rangefinders, GPS, dendrometers

∴ Conversion of xml documents in large volumes from one format to another

∴ The development of additional tabs for products MS Office, which carried out the publication of documents and their content to the server with the possibility of discharge on any machine

∴ Development of Web forms to work with the payment system with coverage of unit tests of these forms

∴ Development of ERP system for accounting of goods in the shops

∴ Development and implementation of automation systems SCADA/Softlogic

∴ Software development for microcontrollers. Integration with systems of automation of business processes

∴ Development of the architecture for a distributed data collection system. The transmission of data via GSM/GPRS network. Software development PLC, Linux

∴ Development of applications in the field of image processing and OCR. Development of technical documentation. Study and analysis of complex systems with parallel data access

∴ Experience in developing software for somnological operate the equipment

∴ Development of software for compilation of TV broadcasts. Titles on the video stream, preparation of TV programs. Application interaction with the boards OnAir-broadcast. Working with video codecs

∴ Writing templates of recognition for ABBYY FlexiCapture. Support and development of software for verification of detected documents

∴ Image processing. Applied interaction with Canon SLRs. Experience in development of distributed systems. Integration with eCommerce system based on WooCommerce.

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